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Guardian Clarity™ anti-reflective glass eliminates undesired reflections and provides clear and unobstructed views. Fabricated using advanced glass coating technology, it offers an ideal solution for all types of applications in which reflections impede the adequate viewing of objects, such as display cases in stores or museums, shop windows with incident sunlight or viewing areas and restaurants with panoramic views. 
Guardian Clarity™ is available with anti-reflective treatment on one or both surfaces. Its residual neutral blue reflection colour, combined with the Guardian UltraClear™ glass substrate, provides maximum transparency and visual quality.Guardian Clarity™ can be tempered or heat-strengthened for applications requiring safety glass. It can also be combined with LamiGlass® laminated glass and with SunGuard and ClimaGuard solar protection glass. 
Guardian Clarity™ is available in thicknesses from 3 to 15 mm, in various standard sizes and dimensions up to 3210 x 6000 mm.
Museum displays using Clarity™ two-sided anti-reflective glass.

Museum displays using Guardian Clarity™ two-sided anti-reflective glass. "Osiris. Egypt's Sunken Mysteries" exhibition. Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris.

Comparative diagram of conventional glass versus Guardian Clarity™ glass.

Comparative diagram of conventional glass versus Guardian Clarity™ glass.

Paintings by Joachim Wtewael protected with Clarity™ glass

Paintings by Joachim Wtewael protected with Clarity™ glass. "Pleasure & Piety" exhibition, Centraal Museum, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Relationship of reflectance vs

Relationship of reflectance vs. wavelength (above) and light transmission (below).

Mediatheque Albi in Albi, France.

Mediatheque Albi in Albi, France.

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