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Virgen de la Cabeza s/n  Tudela (Navarra). Spain
Tel.: (+34) 948 822 550 / (+34) 948 822 554
Fax: (+34) 948 822 554
Manufactured with light tones clay typical of the area surrounding Tudela, Spain, this company produces a wide range of perforated bricks in tones of white, gray and ochre. The bricks are fired at a temperature of more 1.000°C, and are very strong under compression, freeze resistant and without efflorescence. They are characterized by uniformity of tone (except for the mottled bricks). There are four available dimensions for almost all of the brick models: 240x115x35-50-70-100 mm. Solid bricks or bricks with three holes are only fabricated in 50 mm thickness. The 50 and 70 mm thick bricks are available in 12 glazed colors. Among available special shapes: slips, tiles, corner tiles, single bull-nosed, double bull-nosed, shelf angle (sill), headers, scupper, wall cap and brick screen pieces. The brick screen pieces deserve to be highlighted here; there are two sizes that create a play of light and shadow, act as sun protection and as a source of light and ventilation.
Music conservatory of Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Music conservatory of Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Architects: Jaime Coll and Judith Leclerc. Part of the facade is made with cobalt blue glazed brick.

Andelos Archaeological Museum, Mendigorria, Navarra (Spain)

Andelos Archaeological Museum, Mendigorria, Navarra (Spain). Built with textured Canraso brick. Arch.: José Luis Fránchez.

Health clinic in Azpilagaña (Pamplona), Spain

Health clinic in Azpilagaña (Pamplona), Spain. Architects: Eduardo de Miguel and Jesús Leache. Built with smooth white brick and 240x115x175 mm brick screen elements. Proof

The four formats are available in almost all models.

The four formats are available in almost all models.

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