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Arcelormittal offers a solution for vertical building envelopes with Luxsonor and Luxsonor Sound-absorbing panels. These panels are continuous formed, galvanized steel sandwich panels with a core of mineral wool, fiberglass or rock wool insulation. The mineral wool has a M0 fire classification and, in addition to low thermal conductivity, has outstanding acoustic absorption capacity, achieving an important reduction in interior noise levels.
The panels come in thicknesses of 50, 80, 100 or 150 mm. They can be supplied in the following finishes:  polyester, Plastisol 100 and 200 microns, PVDF and polyurethane polyamide.
The Sound-absorbing model has a perforated interior panel surface that allows the mineral wool to function, thereby improving the acoustic performance of the panels.
The design of the panel joint allows the fasteners to be concealed, guaranteeing at the same time their complete water tightness, both in vertical and horizontal installations.

Technical characteristics of the sound absorbing roof panel:

DepthKFR (min)FS (min)Acoustic insulationAcoustic absorption
(mm)(W/m²K)Fire resistanceFire stabilityRw (dB)αs (1kHz)
For λ= 0.040W/mK
The panels have carefully studied connections to guarantee water tightness both at panel edges and fasteners.

Luxsonor® panels have carefully studied connections, both at panel edges and fasteners to guarantee water tightness (optional coatings: polyester, Plastisol and PVDF).

Concealed fastener system for facade panels.

Concealed fastener system for facade panels.


Luxsonor®. The type and density of the perforations depend on the acoustic performance required of the panel.

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