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Mechanical systems/ Fire protection/ Cladding/ Structure protection


Bormstraat, 24 2830 Willebroek - Tisselt Belgium
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The solution for passive fire protection of wood floor structures proposed by this company is a continuous panel ceiling that, depending on the installation type, will withstand up to three hours in a fire before collapsing. This solution maintains the levels of stability, air-tightness, thermal insulation and non-emission of flammable gasses required for the fire rating (RF 120-180).
The panels are made of calcium silicate reinforced with inorganic, fire-resistant fibers. During fabrication the panels undergo a high-temperature autoclave treatment that gives them dimensional stability. Various silicate-based protective panel types are available, denser panels: Promatect®-H and Promatect®-T (densities: 870 kg/m³ and 900 kg/m³, with coefficients of thermal conductivity of approximately 0.175 W/m²C and 0.212 W/m²C), and other lighter weight panels: Promatect®-L, Promatect®-L500 and Promatect®-LS.
Standard dimensions are 1250 x 2500 mm and they are available in multiple thicknesses.
Installation is similar to wood panels. They can be sawn, drilled, fastened with self-tapping screws or steel staples. They can also receive other finishes with prior application of Promat SR pore sealant primer.
Calcium silicate panels.

Photo of fire-resistant, fiber-reinforced calcium silicate panels.

Detail of floor structure with RF-120 fire rating

Detail of floor structure with RF-120 fire rating.
A- Promatect®-H panel, e = 12 mm.
B- Panel strips, width= 200 mm, e = 12 mm.
C- Mineral wool thermal insulation, density = 40 kg/m³, e = 50 mm.
D- Wood beams.
E- Wood flooring. To attain a RF-180 fire rating the panel layer must be doubled and the density of the insulation increased to 45 kg/m³.

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