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Priva-Lite is a translucent glazing, opaque to vision, which changes to transparent when an alternating electric current of 100 V is applied.
It is a composite of two lites of annealed glass, clear or tinted, laminated with two EVA sheets between which is inserted a transparent electrode thin film, constituted by two PET films with a transparent metallic deposit and laminated together thans to a very fine layer of liquid crystal gel. The crystals have the property of changing their orientation with the application of an electric current, making the glazing transparent and returning it to its translucent state (milky white) when the current is interrupted. All of these components are assembled with high pressure and temperature to form a single compact unit. Electrical consumption is 7 W/m².
Priva-lite is available with neutral, bronze, gray, green, pink and amber tone EVA sheets. The standard thickness is 12 mm, but thicknesses between 8 an 22 mm are also available on request. The maximum and minimum fabrication dimensions are respectively, 1.00 x 3.00 m (1.50 x 3.00 in XL version) and 0.20 x 0.30 m. They can be integrated in composite laminated security glass or in insulated glazing with an air space forming the interior lite.
With 10 mm thick neutral Priva-Lite light transmission of 73.5% can be achieved when the current is turned on and 70.3% when it is turned off. The light reflection for the same states is 18% and 16.5%, and the shading coefficient is 6.5% and 92%.

Interior of an office with partitions activated and deactivated.

Interior of an office with Priva-Lite partitions activated and deactivated.

Composition of the Priva-Lite electrochromic film

Composition of the Priva-Lite electrochromic film.
A- Glass.
B- EVA layer.
C- Liquid crystal film.

Light diffusion in switched off and switched on position.

Light diffusion in switched off and switched on position.

The lites can be curved, screenprinted and sandblasted

The lites can be curved, screenprinted and sandblasted.
L- Max. length: 3000 mm.
O- Max. girth: 1000 mm (1500 mm).
R- Min. radius: 300 mm.

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