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Facades/ Glass cladding/ Flat glass/ Security glass


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Criblind® P Omniarmor is a transparent multi-layer glazing composed of several lites of float glass adhered by PVB sheets, with an exterior layer of polycarbonate and a polyurethane sheet which absorbs the differential expansion between the glass and the polycarbonate.
This combination reduces considerably, by more than 40%, the weight of the assembly with respect to other armored materials with the same performance, while maintaining impact resistance for light projectiles, elevated light transmission levels and perfect image transmission. The polycarbonate prevents the detachment of shards.
Available dimensions vary between 400 x 400 mm, minimum, up to 2,400 x 1,200 mm, with thickness between 17 and 45 mm, according to the degree of impact resistance required (from A00 up to B30, all the categories of bulletproof armoring according to the British Standard Equivalent).
Both the glass and the polyvinyl butyral sheet come in various colors: the former in gray, bronze, green, pink and reflective finish; and the latter in gray, bronze, green, blue and matte finish.
Security glazing composed of several lites of float glass adhered by PVB sheets.

Criblind P Omniarmor in Woodrow Wilson Bridge Operator's house in Washington DC, USA. Cox, Graae & Spack Architects.

Visiting area of a prison

Visiting area of a prison. The polycarbonate is always installed on the protected side to absorb impact and prevent the dispersion of fragments.

Arrangement of the glazing:<br/>A- Polycarbonate

Arrangement of the glazing:
A- Polycarbonate.
B- Polyuretane.
C- Glass.

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