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Mechanical systems/ Fire protection/ Coatings


Bormstraat, 24 2830 Willebroek - Tisselt Belgium
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Lightweight and strong fireproofing (class A1) with an inorganic hydraulic binder, lightweight aggregate (perlite and vermiculite) and special additives to provide steel and concrete structures a fire resistance rating R from 15 and 240 minutes. It can also protection different types of horizontal structures (floor block, composite, concrete, etc.) up to REI 180.
The fireproofing is applied with machines that automatically add the mix water or it can be manually mixed first and then applied using typical plastering techniques. The surface to be treated should be free of dust, grease, rust and the application of an alkyd-based primer is recommended. The thickness of the fireproofing varies depending on the Shape Factor and the minutes of fire resistance required. 
Its suitability as fire protection for steel structures is only limited in zones with high humidity and condensation. The company's technical department can be consulted directly for questions concerning the appropriate product for each specific situation and can provide follow-up assistance from the design phase of a project through construction and final inspections.   
The product is available in 20 Kg. (approx.) bags, in pallets of 60 units.  

Spray-applied Igniplaster Plus® passive fire protection.

Spray-applied Igniplaster Plus® passive fire protection.

A- Steel section to be protected

A- Steel section to be protected.
B- Antirust alkyd primer.
C- Igniplaster fireproofing.

Detail of the final appearance of the fireproofing

Detail of the final appearance of the fireproofing. In the upper part, the 'natural' finish; and in the lower, a smooth finish.

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