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Solar protection/ Lightweight operable roofs


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The Biosttek Series-80 system is a retractable sliding roof with a robust structure that allows spans of up to 7 m.
This structure, made up of an alloy aluminium frame,admits four roof opening options: 50%: One fixed panel and one retractable panel. 66%: One fixed panel and two retractable panels. 75%: One fixed panel and three retractable panels. 80%: One fixed panel and four retractable panels. This option is possible thanks to the system’s five guiding tracks and the reinforced section that holds the weight of the accumulated panels. The structure is available in aluminium, either anodized, lacquered or wood imitation. 
The Series-80 system can used with glass, polycarbonate or sandwich panels. In addition, LED lighting can be installed in the guiding tracks.  The motorized operation technique that uses a toothed belt with a steel nerve, in conjunction with the Biosttek panel’s needle roller bearings, generate a smooth sliding action and the uniform movement of the panels. The careful design of the system’s operation and the quality of the materials enables the production company to offer a five year guarantee.
Biosttek 80 with a fixed plate and 4 movable slats.

Biosttek 80 with a fixed plate and 4 movable slats.

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