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Perlifoc mortar is made from perlite and vermiculite expanded lightweight aggregates. It provides an A1 fire reaction rating and thermal conductivity of 0.29 W/mK. It has a rough appearance and is used for protecting concrete and steel structures, concrete and wood, mixed and ceramic floor structures and metal ductwork. It also permits the formation of firewalls:
—EI 120 partition, an effective fire barrier that impedes propagation. It is 60 mm deep and composed of: a galvanized substructure, Pyroc metal mesh fastened to the substructure, onto which a 35 mm layer of Perlifoc mortar is sprayed, and a 12 mm gypsum board panel finish. It provides acoustic reduction of Rw=42 dB, which can be extended to 50 dB by adding a second substructure of profiles with a rock wool panel and a gypsum board finish layer.
—Vertical concrete block wall, with a fire stability rating of up to EI 240 with a 25 mm layer of sprayed-on Perlifoc mortar. Applications: mechanical system courtyards, elevator shafts, compartmentalization of exit stairs, parking buildings and industrial sheds, etc.
The EI 120 partition

The EI 120 partition.
A- 48 mm galvanized studs.
B- Metal mesh.
C- Perlifoc mortar.
D- Gypsum board panel.

Scheme of concrete block firewall with sprayed-on mortar made from perlite and vermiculite expanded lightweight aggregates.

Concrete block firewall with Perlifoc sprayed-on mortar.

Construction of the firewall

Construction of the firewall. Concrete block lower zone. Upper zone using the EI 120 partition solution, where the substructure and metal mesh can be observed.

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