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The Besista tension rod system guarantees high safety factors. The rods are fabricated in galvanized steel and composed of different elements:
—Tension rods, with threads in both directions, are fabricated in S540N steel (with a yield strength of 540 N/mm²). They are available in custom lengths up to 15 m.
—Rod anchors connect the tension rods to the gusset plates. They are fabricated from ductile cast iron. The screw-in depth of the thread can be monitored through the inspection hole in the anchor.
—Pins and locking rings.
—Cover sleeves have a purely aesthetic function, covering the threaded part of the rod.
—Extension sleeves extend and secure the rods.
—Tension sleeves, with both left- and right-handed threads.
—Suspension rings for solid rods and sleeves. They permit the rotation, tensioning and alignment of the rods.
—Cross anchors, to form contact-free crossing points between coplanar tension rods. They are fabricated from highly ductile spheroidal graphite cast iron.
—Circular discs, to form connections between tension rods.
Besista also offers steel and wood compression rods and connection elements.
The Metropol Parasol in Seville, Spain. Arch.: J. Mayer Hermann.

The Metropol Parasol in Seville, Spain uses Besista tension rods. Arch.: J. Mayer Hermann.

Compression and tension rods.

Compression and tension rods.

A- Suspension rings for sleeves

A- Suspension rings for sleeves.
B- Cross anchors.
C- Circular discs.
D- Rod anchor with lateral inspection hole and cover sleeve.

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