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Facades/ Glass cladding/ Special glass


Lustheide 85 51427 Bergisch Gladbach Germany
Tel.: (+49) 2204 204 301
Fax: (+49) 2204 204 300
Pronova specializes in surfaces for projecting holograms. These surfaces only reflect the light from a determined direction towards the spectator (for example, from a projector), maintaining good contrast in daylight. The company offers two products that can be mounted on glass (max. size, 2.50 x 6 m) for use on walls or façades:
—HoloPro: a sheet for projection applications both at night and during the day. The horizontal angle of visibility is aprox. 45º, and the vertical angle about 15º. Sheets are made in a standard proportions of 4:3 (20 to 100 inches) and 16:9 (up to 125 inches), although custom sizes can be made to order. Sheets cannot be installed over existing glass installations; in these cases the version of Holopro mounted on an acrylic sheet should be used.
—HoloSign is a sheet mounted on glass that incorporates a printed holographic image (with 0.2 to 10 mm pixels). The hologram is seen from the exterior when struck by incident light at an angle between 37 and 50º. while the surface remains transparent when seen from inside.
Holographic facade in Bonn (Germany).

HoloSign holographic façade of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft in Bonn (Germany). Photo: Michael Bleyenberg.

Daytime view of the holographic facade

Daytime view of the holographic facade. Photo: Michael Bleyenberg.

Glass facade for projections at the Caixa Galicia Foundation in La Coruña

Glass facade for projections at the Caixa Galicia Foundation in La Coruña. Nicholas Grimshaw, Arch.

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