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Solar protection/ Textile Architecture/ Inflatable solutions


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ETFE is a fluoropolymer that has good structural strength and resistance to chemical corrosion. It is stable under UV rays, and so does not yellow over time. It is also extremely transparent (>90%), self-cleaning, flame resistant (B1 rating) and resistant to impact loads. Due to its low density (1.75 g/m³), it is suitable for lightweight structures, as in roofs, for swimming pools and sports pavilions, or as a covering for photovoltaic modules and solar collectors, as it is stable under large temperature changes (between -200 and +150º C, and up to 230º C forshort periods of time).
Nowoflon ETFE film is made in thicknesses of 12 to 400 micron and has a standard width of 1550 mm. The ETFE is highly transparent to UV radiation (required for plantgrowth, for example), although white pigment can be added to the material to improve light diffusion and offer total protection against UV rays. It can be ordered in all colours acc. RAL, Pantone etc. and various printing designs. 
The latest product of this series is Z-IR film. The infra-red rays which are responsible for heating up the covered area are actually absorbed by the film. Buildings stay cool longer. 

System of pneumatic cushions in Eden Project, Cornwall (Great Britain).

Nowofol ETFE foils used in the Texlon® system of pneumatic cushions manufactured by Vector Foiltec. Eden Project in Cornwall (United Kingdom). Nicholas Grimshaw, Arch.

ETFE façade (Texlon® system, by Vector Foiltec)

ETFE façade (Texlon® system, by Vector Foiltec). Media TIC building, Barcelona. Enric Ruiz Geli, Arch.

Giant tent with envelope made of ETFE cushions (Texlon® system by Bector Foiltec)

Giant tent with envelope made of ETFE cushions (Texlon® system by Bector Foiltec). Khan Shatyr in Astana (Kazakhstan). Foster & Partners, Archs.

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