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Solar protection/ Textile Architecture/ Tensile structures


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The Cover line of coated fabrics by Naizil are made of high-strength polyester with a PVC coating. They are suitable for large-span fabric structures and coverings. Two different types of finish are available:
-Rotofluo W, a mixture of acrylic and PVDF, protects the PVC coating from atmospheric agents, pollution and dirt. Membranes with this finish can be welded at high frequency.
-Titan W is a flexible lacquer of titanium dioxide particles and PVDF. Compared to Rotofluo W, it offers better protection against UV radiation, lengthening its useful life and helping to keep it clean. It can be welded with hot air or at high frequency.
The two fabrics weigh between 720 and 1450 g/m². They have warp|woof tensile strengths of 3000|3000 to 10.000|9000 N/50 mm, and a tear resistance between 300|300 and 1700|1700 N. Cover membranes can withstand temperatures between -30 and +70º C. They are available in widths between 250 and 300 cm. Different colors are made (including metallic colors), and other special surface treatments can be ordered: opacifier, capillarity reducer, 100% PVDF lacquer (Rotofluo P) or expanded PVC thermo-acoustic insulation, aprox. 4 mm thick (λ=0.0434, RW=15 dB).
Thermo-acoustic PVC double roof membrane.

Palatenda Theater in Bérgamo, Italy. The roof uses Cover membrane type II on the exterior and Cover type I Cobientato (with thermo-acoustic insulation) on the inside.

Titan W lacquer, composed of PVDF and titanium dioxide particles, improves protection against ultraviolet rays.
A- Lacquer with titanium dioxide.
B- Fabric.
C- PVC coating.

Cover membranes are suitable for large-span fabric roofs.

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