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Mechanical systems/ HVAC & sanitary hot water/ Radiant walls, ceilings & glass


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The RadiaGlass system uses double-paned glass panels with water circulating in the cavity between the panes to cool or heat buildings. The system has many applications: windows, curtain walls, glazed roofs, skylights, interior divisions, radiators, solar collectors and photovoltaic panels. The emitting element is composed of two monolithic or laminated glass sheets separated by a 16 mm cavity that is filled with water. A heat exchanger puts the water into circulation and heats or cools it. The primary circuit is connected to any conventional energy source (heat pump or boiler) or to renewable energy sources (geothermal and hydrothermal systems or systems based on cooling through evaporation). During hot seasons, the system shields the building from solar radiation and extracts heat from the interior thanks to the water circulating at a low temperature in the cavity. Due to its small size, the circulator or circulation pump distributing water to the panels can be located in a small accessible utility closet. The circulator is available in simple models connected to individual thermostats in each room, or in models with more technical options that are connected to an automated central energy management system.
The cooled water circulation eliminates high solar thermal gains in summer typical of glazed buildings.

RadiaGlass is a double-pane glass with heated or cooled water circulating in its cavity. It eliminates high solar thermal gains in summer typical of glazed buildings.

Diagram of curtain wall with the RadiaGlass system.

Diagram of curtain wall with the RadiaGlass system.

A- Return pipe

A- Return pipe.
B- Supply pipe.
C- Pump.
D- Heat exchanger.
E- Primary heating and cooling circuit.

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