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Arexpan insulation is produced from clay. The calcination of this material generates gases that provoke its expansion and the formation of micro-pores that are thermally and acoustically insulating. The resulting expanded clay is lightweight (permitting savings in structural work), highly resistant to fire and extremely durable; in addition, it is free of toxic substances. It is supplied in different granulometries: coarse (spheres of 8-16 mm) and fine (spheres of 3-10 mm), to be used for roofs, levelling fill, floor substrates, slabs, to create slopes, lightweight concretes, etc. 0-5 mm ground Arexpan is also available, as well as 0-4 mm sand for lightweight concretes, lightweight insulating blocks, prefabricated panels, lightweight fireproof mortars, etc. Arexpan is supplied in sacks, big bags and in bulk for on-site mixing with water and cement. Arexcem is a ready-to-use product premixed with cement. Arexplantas is used to improve the soil substrate for plants. It helps aerate the soil, offers protection against frosts, conserves humidity, etc.
Applications: Renovation and insulation of pitched roofs (A)

Applications: Renovation and insulation of pitched roofs (A); creation of slopes on flat roofs (B); in gardening (C); insulating clay mortars (D); fireproof mortars (N); dry topping slabs (E); topping slabs in wet areas (F); pipe insulation (H); ground insulation (J); draining and insulation of basement walls (I); fill for cavity walls (K); existing slab renovation (L); mortar (G); lightweight, insulating stucco finishes (M); and lightweight fireproof concrete (O).

Insulation material made from calcined clay.

Coarse Arexpan.

The calcination of clay is part of Arexpan's fabrication process.

The calcination of clay is part of Arexpan's fabrication process.

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