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Mechanical systems/ HVAC & sanitary hot water/ Radiant walls, ceilings & glass


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Over the last several years the insulating capacity of heated glass has greatly improved and new versions have been developed. Standing out among these is triple glass Cytherm, which combines high insulating values with other functions. The assembly brings together a double cavity filled with insulating gas, low-emission coatings based on metallic oxides and waterproof spacers to achieve a thermal insulation similar to that of an insulated wall: 0.6 W/m²K. It also incorporates three other functions:
Solar control. The interior face of the exterior glass has a coating that reflects thermal solar radiation.
Heating. The low-voltage heating layer in the interior glass sheet generates uniform heat controlled by a thermostat. The reflective layer of the exterior glass reflects heat into the interior.
Security. If the exterior glass breaks, the electrical resistance on its inside face changes abruptly, activating an alarm. The intermediate layer is made of laminated security glass.
Cytherm can be supplied with photovoltaic panels, and other functions are available, including the capacity to change from clear to translucent, a colored or self-cleaning exterior layer, and extra acoustical insulation.
Another interesting variation of the product is traffic-bearing heated glass, a monolithic laminated glass.
More than 3000 m² of heated glass was used In the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum in Xian (China)

More than 3000 m² of heated glass was used In the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum in Xian (China). Footbridges use the traffic-bearing version. Its underside protects the figures from condensation, while above it heats the floors.

Section through Cytherm glass: <br/>A- Low-emission tempered glass

Section through Cytherm glass:
A- Low-emission tempered glass.
B- Reflective coating with alarm function.
C- Heating layer.
D- Cavities filled with krypton gas.
E- Spacer.
F- Electrodes for heating and alarm.
G- Electric supply cable.
H- Laminated security glass.

Heated traffic-bearing glass

Heated traffic-bearing glass.
A- Load-bearing glass with two laminated sheets of security glass.
B- Tempered glass with heating layer.
C- Replaceable protective layer of tempered glass.
D- Electrode.
E- Electric supply cable.
F- Heating layer.
H- UCB resin.

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