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Stamisol® Color is a breathable impermeable membrane composed of three layers of colored acrylic over a non-fabric substrate of polyester and fiberglass that assures its structural strength and dimensional stability. It is used in ventilated façades with transparent, translucent or partially open finishes (such as metal or polymeric fabrics, expanded or perforated metal sheets, louvers, etc), where it installed over the thermal insulation in order to protect and finish it. For its climate resistance, it can be used in discontinuous finishes of any size and any percentage of open area. It allows water vapor to escape, prevents humidity and constitutes an efficient wind screen, thus increasing the efficiency of the thermal insulation. Joints can be glued together to form a continuous impermeable surface. The membrane is supplied in rolls 2.5 m wide, 25 m long and 0.75 mm thick. Nine colors are available.
Ventilated facade with breathable colored waterproofing membrane

Ventilated facade with breathable colored waterproofing membrane.
A- Wall enclosure.
B- Thermal insulation.
C- Stamisol® Color.
D- Ventilated air cavity.
E- Exterior finish.

Ventilated glass facade with white waterproofing membrane.

Glass facade using white Stamisol® Color membrane. Logica CMG Building in Amstelveen (Holland). Meijer & Schooten, 2003. Above, detail of glass silkscreened with a white pattern that diffuses as it reaches the edges of the windows.

Expanded metal finish over red Stamisol® Color membrane.

Expanded metal finish over red Stamisol® Color membrane.

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