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Mechanical systems/ HVAC & sanitary hot water/ Radiant walls, ceilings & glass


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The Zehnder Zip radiant ceiling panel is designed for large spaces with a ceiling height between 2.8 and 30 m (industrial sheds, pavilions, gymnasiums, theaters, large warehouses, spaces with a high risk of fire, etc). The panels are installed in areas that otherwise are difficult to use, and multiple panels can be combined. They transmit heat by radiation, maintaining a perceptible temperature 3º C greater than air temperature. If attached to a heat pump, in summer they can function as cooling panels. They are low energy users, easy to maintain, silent in operation, and don't create drafts. The panel is self-supporting and lightweight. Installing multiple modules is easy using threaded or compression fittings; no welding is required. The 5 mm thick metal sheets, four ø15 mm pipes and ø32 mm collector are of galvanized steel. The width of the panel is 32 cm and it comes in lengths of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 m. Thermal insulation, 40 mm thick and covered with a layer of aluminum, is installed above the panels. There are versions available with a hidden collector pipe and for conditions of high humidity.
Installation in a hangar of the Spanish Ministry of Defense, Getafe.

Installation in a hangar of the Spanish Ministry of Defense, Getafe.

Radiant ceiling panel with epoxy paint finish.

Zehnder Zip radiant ceiling panel finished in epoxy paint.

Version for humid conditions: <br/>A- Polyurethane foam insulation

Version for humid conditions:
A- Polyurethane foam insulation.
B- Galvanized steel sheet.
C- Radiant panel.
D- Collector.

Installation: <br/>A- Collector

A- Collector.
B- Chain.
C- Suspended bar.
D- Compression fitting.
E- Axis of suspension.
F- Cover trim.
G- Threaded fitting.

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