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Mechanical systems/ HVAC & sanitary hot water/ Radiant walls, ceilings & glass


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Clima Top is a suspended ceiling of stucco panels with an integrated climate-control system. It consists of a closed circuit of copper tubes, in which water circulates at a determined temperature to cool or heat the space. Due to the energy capacity of the water, it is more comfortable and economical than a forced air system. The laminated stucco is ideal for its high thermal conductivity, and produces a dry-mounted, incombustible flat ceiling with or without joints. It also has acoustic advantages and many design possibilities depending on the form, size and arrangement of the perforations. The panels are screwed to the support members, which are spaced on centers less than 50 cm apart for smooth panels and less than 32 cm apart in the case of perforated panels. The system can also be mounted vertically as a wall finish. Rigiton Clima Top is the name of the system when Rigiton acoustical panels are used.
Suspended ceiling Clima Top

Suspended ceiling Clima Top.
A- Hanger.
B- Load-bearing profile.
C- Cross connector.
D- Base profile.
E- Copper tubing.
F- Register profile.
G- Water connection.

A closed water circuit of copper tubing is used.

A closed water circuit of copper tubing is used.

Stucco panel suspended ceiling with an integrated climate-control system.

Once the climate-control system is installed, the laminated stucco panels are dry-mounted over it with screw fasteners.

Stucco panels

Stucco panels. From top to bottom: Different densities and sizes of perforations in an irregular arrangement. Regular perforations and distribution, round, and square.

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