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Mechanical systems/ HVAC & sanitary hot water/ Radiant walls, ceilings & glass


4 Route de Pfulgriesheim  67370 Griesheim-sur-Souffel France
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Extenzo Climaclick® is a plenum-based air conditioning system that uses a suspended ceiling of tensed PVC. A third of the heating or cooling is transmitted by radiation across the entire surface of the ceiling, and two thirds by means of propelled air from calibrated slot louvers on the room’s perimeter. Treated air is freed into the plenum, where it circulates at a very low speed, cooling (or heating) the tensed ceiling, which acclimatizes the space through convection and radiation. The air propelled from the perimeter louvers moves the air in the space and cools (or heats) the walls, which in turn radiate into the room. Air reaches the base of the wall at a very low velocity and at close to ambient temperature, preventing drafts and guaranteeing a constant rate of air change throughout the space. Air completely sweeps the space before reaching the returns, assuring uniform ventilation. The ceilings are supplied in more than 100 colors and 10 different finishes.
An office fitted with the Climaclick air conditioning system.

An office fitted with the Climaclick air conditioning system.

Diagram of the system in operation

Diagram of the system in operation.
A- Tensed ceiling.
B- Distribution of treated air.
C- Air propelled into the plenum.

Conceptual diagram of Climaclick system

Conceptual diagram of Climaclick system.
A- Plenum.
B- Radiation from the tensed ceiling.
C- Air supply via perimeter slot louvers.
D- Ambient air propelled by treated air.
E- Radiation from the wall surface. F- Temperature of treated air at the base of the wall.

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