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Cricursa Shield-DFI® is a hydrophobic treatment that makes glass surfaces water repellant and more resistant to stains, scratches and abrasion, considerably reducing maintenance costs for the façade. The treatment permanently changes the molecular structure of the glass surface –or that of any other silica-based material, such as ceramics, granite, etc. – via a process of chemical vaporization that changes the surface of the glass, increasing the angle of contact between the glass and water beads to enhance repellence. The larger the angle of contact, the less a drop of water adheres to the glass, so that the water runs off with greater ease, behaving like a drop of mercury. Water slides quickly off the surface, leaving behind fewer sediments and making the glass easier to clean.
At right, glass with a hydrophobic treatment that makes it  water repellent and more resistant to abrasion.

Water drop on untreated glass (left) and on glass with hydrophobic treatment (right).

From top to bottom: Untreated glass

From top to bottom: Untreated glass; glass treated with Shield-DFI® (Step l) & (Step 2).

The treatment fills the microscopic valleys on the glass surface and makes them smoother

The treatment fills the microscopic valleys on the glass surface and makes them smoother. It then encapsulates them to increase their durability and degree of repellence, achieving a lasting, transparent protection that is easy to clean.
A- Glass.
B- Treatment, step 1.
C- Treatment, step 2.

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