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Solar protection/ Textile Architecture/ Tensile structures


San Andrés, 25 28004 Madrid (Madrid). Spain
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The firm is dedicated to the installation of permanent and temporary fabric roofs and facades, encompassing construction, engineering, calculation, pattern-making, design and construction management. 
The membranes used permit different levels of light transmission, from null –opaque–, around 10% for PTFE, up to 30% for PVC, 50% for silicone and 95% for ETFE. The can also be fabricated with different density screens for sun control, temperature reduction and ventilation. 
Materials used for tensile roofs are polyester fibre membranes (PES) and PVC, fibre glass and silicone, or fibre glass and PTFE (Teflon: non-stick and M0, high cost and off-white color). 
Pure ETFE membranes are used for pneumatic roofs (M2 and permeable to UV radiation, permitting grass and other vegetable species to be grown inside these structures,) or also with PES/PVC (M1/M2, economical, highly elastic and with a variety of colours and membrane types). 
Silicone/Glass is M0 and is used in interiors, as light diffusers, projection screens or stretched ceilings.
Tensile membranes used as solar protection awnings.

Folding roofs and awnings. Auditorium Cultural Center. Burjassot, Valencia, Spain. The structures can be steel, and when lighter weight is required, fibre glass or carbon and polyester or epoxy resins.

Visualization in 3D and image of luminous Totem

Visualization in 3D and image of luminous Totem. Salera shopping center, Castellón, Spain.

Luminous Totem

Luminous Totem. Salera shopping center, Castellón, Spain. Backlit membrane. Height: 30 m.

Fabric roof for Luz de Tajo shopping center, Toledo, Spain

Fabric roof for Luz de Tajo shopping center, Toledo, Spain. Using cables and all types of terminals and accessories in galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.

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