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Solar protection/ Textile Architecture/ Tensile structures


Avinguda de l’Exèrcit 35-37 25194 Lleida (Lleida). Spain
Tel.: (+34) 973 263 022
Fax: (+34) 973 275 887 Contact
This company began its activity manufacturing and installing parasols and awnings and over time they have also entered the field of fabric architecture, a field in which IASO has become specialised and sponsors research through its Engineering Department. 
Some of the systems developed are:
—Tensile structures for covering spaces, with metal post supports and cables that give form to the fabric (PES / PVC or GLASS / PTFE, etc.). The system is able to cover large spans with a very low cost structure. Among their tensile structure solutions the i-tensing system for facades stands out for its light weight, weather-resistance and speed of installation. It is a highly suitable solution for large glass surfaces exposed to solar radiation that require external protection while maintaining visual transparency.
—ETFE solutions. EFTE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) is a very light material –a 100 μm sheet weighing about 175 g/m2-, it is highly durable, and offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of shapes and geometries. The light weight of the sheets and fastening system means less cost for the structural support system. It can be used as a single-layer sheet or as cushions made from two or three layers of ETFE.

Cepsa service station. Roof formed by 18 different sized ETFE cushions.

Cepsa service station. Roof formed by 18 ETFE cushions of different sizes, installed on a canopy over the gas pumps. Photo: Montse Zamorano.

Camping les Dunes

Camping les Dunes. Its large central column stands out, sloping from radial bars that are stabilised by cables, permitting the fastening of the outer corners of the membrane.

Iguzzini headquarters in Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona

Iguzzini headquarters in Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona. Architect: Josep Miàs. The image of the Iguzzini Headquarters recalls a large lamp with a textile sunscreen to protect and improve comfort levels in the interior spaces.

IASO headquarters fabric facade.

IASO headquarters fabric facade.

Stadium in Nice France, wrapped with transparent ETFE 250 μm single-ply foil with cable reinforcing

Stadium in Nice France, wrapped with transparent ETFE 250 μm single-ply foil with cable reinforcing. Architect: Jean-Michel Wilmotte.

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