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Solar protection/ Textile Architecture/ Inflatable solutions


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The Texlon® enclosure system is made up of pneumatic cushions restrained in aluminium extrusions attached to a lightweight structure. The cushions are inflated with air at low pressure to provide insulation and withstand wind loads. The cushions are manufactured from various layers of ETFE a material that it does not degrade under Ultra-Violet light or atmospheric pollution. As Texlon® is extremely long lasting; it can be used as part of the permanent building envelope. Furthermore, as the surface is very smooth and has anti-adhesive properties, it cleans under the action of rain. Texlon® combines exceptional light transmission (92-95% transparency,) with high insulation. Each layer can incorporate different types of solar shading, enabling the designer to control the degree of solar protection and transparency of the building envelope. Through sophisticated load analysis and patterning Texlon® can be engineered to virtually any size or shape.
Pneumatic cushions enclosure, Beijing Olympic pools.

Olympic swimming pools in Beijing, China. Arch.: PTW Architects with Arup.

Eden Project, Cornwall, UK

Eden Project, Cornwall, UK. Arch.: Nicholas Grimshaw & Part. The largest self-supporting transparent enclosure in the world, with individual Texlon® panels of up to 80 m².

Kapuzinercarrée, Aachen, Germany

Kapuzinercarrée, Aachen, Germany. Arch.: Ingenhoven, Overdiek & Partner. Building courtyard enclosed using the Texlon® system with an extremely lightweight structure.

Gondwanaland, Leipzig

Gondwanaland, Leipzig. Arch: Henchion, Reuter & Partner, 2010.

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