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Prevent the disasters caused to companies by liquid leaks: economic, loss of information, contamination, fires, etc. The TraceTek sensor cables detect the leak at any point in its course, activating an alarm in the control panel. 
The detection is produced by two wire sensors covered by a polymer semiconductor. The cable sensor is resistant to chemical products, as no exterior metal parts are exposed to corrosion. 
The exterior fluoropolymer mesh protects the sensor wires forming a cable that is resistant to mechanical forces and abrasion. There are two different systems for installation: 
-Linear, appropriate for areas where continuous protection is required, insuring good distribution in hung ceilings, piping and raceways. 
-Alarm, for covering small, isolated areas like deposits, small raceways, isolated equipment, etc.
Wire sensor that detects water.

The linear system can control up to 1500 m of cable that is available in module lengths with pre-installed connectors.

TT100 cable

TT100 cable.
The Raychem® conductive-polymer technology and fluoropolymer construction make TT1000 sensing cable mechanically strong and resistant to corrosion and abrasion.

Protection for computer equipment

Protection for computer equipment. The cable can be installed in hung ceilings, near drains, water pipes or air conditioning, and in rails for hung piping.

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