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Hormipan is a lightweight aggregate that is used to produce concrete with high insulation capacity. The Hormipan beads are obtained by the expansion polystyrene under suitable temperature and pressure conditions. A later physical-chemical treatment gives Hormipan its final appearance.
This treatment insures good adherence to the cement, eliminates the common risks of segregation and flotation in the mixing and transport of lightweight concrete, and provides a high level of uniformity. Hormipan is non-hygroscopic, and therefore doesnít absorb water during the mixing or curing of the concrete.
The most common uses are: slabs on grade, floor slabs over unheated crawl spaces, topping slabs, insulation and substrate for radiant floors, pipe insulation, insulation of tile or slate roofs, renovations, etc...
Detail of Hormipan particles.

Detail of Hormipan particles.

Some examples of Hormipan applications

Some examples of Hormipan applications. From top to bottom: thermo-acoustic insulation and levelling layer in pitched roof; slope and thermo-acoustic insulation in flat roof; floor thermo-acoustic insulation with ceramic flooring.
A- Roof tiles.
B- Hormipan mortar.
C- Waterproof membrane.
D- Gravel.
E- Geotextile sheet.
F- Waterproof membrane.
G- Wire mesh.
H- Flooring.
I- Ducts.

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