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Arlita® Leca® expanded clay is an inert non-combustible material. This material, which is permeable to water vapor, derives its thermal and acoustic insulation properties from a firing process that submits selected clays to temperatures of 1.200 ºC in large rotary kilns. This treatment transforms the clay into porous, lightweight spherical grains, with strong exterior surfaces and interiors formed by innumerable bubbles containing trapped air. Lightweight concrete is formed by substituting heavy aggregates with expanded clay to achieve a lower density material with the same strength. Up to a 40% reduction in weight and excellent compressive strength can be attained.
Its light weight, uniformity and insulating properties enable it to be used in poured-in-place as well as precast structures, helping to resolve problems of long spans, transport, lifting, etc. and at the same time providing a considerable savings in reinforcing steel. Due to the rough and partially porous surface of the expanded clay the adherence of the cement to the aggregate is greater in lightweight concrete than in conventional concrete, increasing its tensile strength to the same level as its compressive strength.
All of the means and methods of traditional concrete work can be used with lightweight concrete, with special attention to small details, such as drop height and vibration.
Use of high strength expanded clay.

Use of high strength expanded clay.

The spherical grains have a cellular internal structure and a strong, hard surface. 3. At right, the section of a test cylinder of lightweight concrete with aggregate.

Cross section of lightweight concrete specimen made with aggregates of expanded clay.

Cross section of lightweight concrete specimen made with aggregates of expanded clay.

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